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About KCL Robotics

We are a student led society focused on everything Robotics and AI. We run workshops, socials, invite guests in industry and provide resources for student led projects. Everything we do is free, and so are memberships. Be sure to sign up or check our society listing. If you want to attend our events please read and sign the mandatory lab induction.  

Meet The Team

We love keeping up with the latest technology. People in our team always come up with new ideas. Dare to express yours, share them with us and lets build the future together.

Elliot Smith


Peter Tisnikar


Amani Parvaiz


Jason De Souza


Jacques Binard

Head of Events

Artemiy Malyshau

Head of Marketing

Rawnaa Fahad

Head of Wellbeing

Miron Bykov

Co-Business Relations Manager

Kai Shun Teoh

Co-Business Relations Manager

Dipanjan Mitra

Co-Systems Head and Chief Strategist

Sowrab Chowdhury

Co-Systems Head and Chief Strategist

Onur Eti

Co-Head of Photography

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